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Wealth is my Worth is focused on helping tech employees improve their financial literacy and make smart decisions with their money. We offer a range of free resources, and live, group courses/coaching to help members build a solid foundation of personal finance knowledge.

The main topics covered are budgeting, paying off debt, investing, financial independence and more. Darius works with members to develop personalized financial systems built on automation. He also provides ongoing support and tracks client’s progress as they work towards their financial goals.

Wealth is my Worth offers different levels of access to resources and coaching based on membership tier. This allows tech employees to choose the level of support that best fits their needs and budget.


  • The Automated Money System

  • Investing for beginners book


  • Group Coaching

  • Money System Audit

  • 1-on-1 Financial Coaching

Podcast Topic Ideas

20 topics/titles your audience will find valuable. The first topics are most popular and if you swipe right you can see I've prepared 10 example questions for the top 3 topics listed on the following pages. I am open to other financial topics. I can help research more questions for a topic you choose.

  1. How to Automate Your Way To Wealth!

  2. Steps To Start Investing Today!

  3. First 5 Steps When Starting Your Money Journey!

  4. How to Save Money on ANY Salary

  5. Are You Living Check-to-Check?

  6. How to Save for Retirement

  7. How to calculate your FIRE number

  8. How Important is Home Ownership?

  9. Best strategy for sharing money with a partner

  10. How You Can Teach Your Children About Money

11. Paying to Continue Education (Pay Student Loans)

12. Reduce Your Expenses Drastically!

13. How to Save for Traveling

14. Wealth in Different Minority Groups

15. Having a Wealth Mindset

16. How to Pay Off Debt Expeditiously!

17. Control Your Finances During Pay Increases

18. Earning Extra Money with a Side Hustle

19. Friends in different Tax Brackets

20. The Automated Money System


Email Blasts and Campaign

I will mention our interview in monthly newsletter to my email list letting them know to listen to your podcast before the Wealth Is My Worth show is released. I will send another the-day-of, as a reminder with a link to show. I will make sure you approve each of these emails before sending.


Free Gift Incentives

I am willing to give away one or more of my products to your audience through a giveaway. This can work in many ways, and I'm open to suggestions. I like running the giveaway by asking each listener to go to a dedicated landing page for your podcast on my site. Here, listeners will register for my free workshop. One week after the show is released you can choose a winner from the sign-ups from your landing page and we will gift them a free book or something else.

Social Media

Social Media blast

I will promote the show release to my followers via Tiktok, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. I will tag you in posts and suggest that my followers listen to not only the show Wealth Is My Worth is featured on, but more of your shows as well. I will share posts on my feed and stories for each platform. On Instagram, I will add the story giving a review of my experience on your show and save it to a folder of Podcast Highlights so that it lives there forever.

& Setup

2021 Macbook Pro

Blue Yeti Microphone

Cannon DSLR Camera

Professional Lighting Kit

Backdrops (if necessary)

Desk Lighting

Headphones (if necessary)

Fiber Internet (up to 500mb/s)

Experience with Online Conferencing

Dedicated Office Space



(702) 301-1626


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