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About the Biz

Wealth is my Worth is focused on helping employed high earners not only earn a great income, but also have an impressive net worth. We offer a range of free resources, and live, group coaching to help members build a solid foundation for building wealth.


All strategies use some type of automation strategy to guarantee success! The main concentrations are budgeting, paying off debt, investing, and financial independence. Members benefit from ongoing support and they track progress as they work towards financial goals.


Wealth is my Worth offers different levels of membership to access to resources and coaching. There is a free membership option, but paid members get the most access to coaching and resources. These options allow members to choose the level of support that best fits their needs.

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About Darius

I’ve always had a burning desire to be rich so most of the choices that I made were driven by how I could make money. I chose to study computer engineering in college based on it being a high paying career with job security. Student loans, regular consumer debt like credit cards and auto loans put my wife and me in the hole during college. Shortly after graduating I acquired more debt to open Indy's Indoor Bark Park, the first indoor dog park in Indiana. Although it was originally successful, I didn’t manage the business well enough to keep the doors open. The business debt set us back tremendously! 

Together we had a grand total of $170k in debt at our peak. This mountain of debt was a huge wake up call! I had to figure out why I didn’t always make the best financial decisions even though I was pretty money savvy. I listened to hundreds of hours of books and podcasts. I learned more about money but the one book that really stuck with me was Profit First by Micahel Michalowicz. It teaches entrepreneurs how to manage a business budget using automation. It takes all of the discipline, reasoning, and decision making out of business budgeting. I took the lessons from this book and applied them to my personal finances and I learned the way to GUARANTEE financial success was to remove the choice of doing right or wrong by implementing automation. I used this system to help my wife and I to go from debt of -$170k in 2019 to a positive net worth of $90k in under 3 years! Now I teach automation strategies to other employed high earners like me.

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Harrison Family

Darius made it very simple to understand our finances! There are a lot of coaches normally would be confusing but his automated money system made it super easy!

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Julie Fitton, CPA

I would recommend Darius to anyone just starting their financial journey, but also vets looking to build wealth. He helps you increase your income while also decreasing spending on things you don't care for.

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Calvin Gribble, Realtor

I send all of my clients to Darius at Wealth Is My Worth first, not only because he has resources to help borrowers with their finances, but his processes and communication and professionalism are top of the line.

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