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Worthy App

The ultimate personal finance app and bank all in one app. The only bank that prioritizes your personal finances. Staying true to the phrase, "People over Profit", we prioritize your needs instead of selling you products like traditional banks. Worthy is used by corporate professionals to accomplish unique financial goals. To use Worthy you must be invited to open an accounts from an employer. We don't make money from selling users debt, we make money from monthly subscriptions. Employers sponsor the cost of the app for their employees. 

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Problem & Solution

Everybody wants to be debt free and build wealth. But not everyone wants to prioritize buying stocks, purchasing real estate, or having an 800 credit score. We all have unique goals and even more unique circumstances. We humans aren’t naturally wired to make the smartest decisions to accomplish our unique goals. If we were, we wouldn’t have money on our vision boards every year. 


So, who has all of the knowledge to help each individual accomplish their goals AND the resources to actually make every one of our goals reality?

The Banks!


Banks claim to have your best interest in mind, but do they really? When’s the last time your bank asked “What’s your current financial goals?” When’s the last time you even spoke to someone from your bank? 

Today banks generally only communicate with us via email and mainly to sell us financial products that are no good for us. Things like credit cards with high rates, insurance products that we don’t understand, or other types of loans we never even ask for. 


So if you want to proactively work on financial goals and can’t go to the bank for help, what do you do? You’ll have to find a trustworthy financial advisor, or download a personal finance app that doesn't have a lot of data for your unique situation, or you can go the long route and learn about personal finance yourself from books like I did.


Now Imagine a bank that actually does ask about your financial goals and since they see how you’re spending, saving, and investing money they give you instructions for ways to best accomplish YOUR goals. And keep in mind the goals they guide you to are unique to what you want, not just what makes them the most money.


This is Worthy!

Worthy is 100% bank and 100% personal finance app. Worthy uses artificial intelligence to prioritize unique personal finance goals per user.

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