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Personal finance based banking
for corporate professionals

Worthy is  an online bank and personal finance tool on a single platform used by corporate professionals. Our bottom line is not dependent on selling users debt like traditional banks. Worthy makes money from monthly membership fees which employers sponsor for their employees.

The only bank that aligns its goals with the financial goals of its customers.


The Problem

Siloed financial management leads to incomplete information and subpar financial decisions.

Banks make money by pushing loans, credit cards, and mortgages to their customers regardless of whether they align with the customer's goals. Meanwhile, customers who have financial goals that a loan does not address are often neglected because tools that help accomplish theses goals don't make money for banks. Tools for goals such as investing in stocks, increasing credit score, retiring early, or how about getting out of debt. This neglect leaves customers frustrated and without the necessary tools and guidance to achieve their goals.

The Solution

A subscription-based platform that combines traditional banking products with personal finance tools all tailored to the user's unique goals.

This comprehensive platform includes on demand personal resources customized for each user based on their circumstances and more importantly their goals. By charging a monthly subscription, we are incentivized to develop top-quality tools that retains users rather than pushing them towards debt for our profit. Also, the debt products offered can now be more favorable for customers because the bank's success is not solely dependent on profits from debt products. 

Worthy - Learn more

The resources below are for current and prospective investors only. If you are interested in investing Worthy please send an email to:

Not yet ready, but request access to the current version of the technology.

See the vision of Worthy and why it's worth an investment.

See up to 7 years of financial projections for how Worthy will earn and spend money.

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